2014 Yearlings

2014 Yearlings Selling at Lexington Selected Sale Sept. 30 - Oct. 4
Name Sire Dam Sex
Stonebridge Combat Yankee Glide  Armbro Vanquish  Colt

2014 Yearlings Selling at The Forest City Sale Oct. 12
Name Sire Dam Sex
Stonebridge Hill Art Colony  Lady Joanna  Colt
Stonebridge Pearl Badlands Hanover  Stonebridge Appeal  Filly
Stonebridge Sting Badlands Hanover  Stonebridge Gift  Colt
Stonebridge Scamp Badlands Hanover  Stonebridge Hugs  Filly
Stonebridge Satire Bettors Delight  Stonebridge Legend  Colt
Stonebridge Bettor Bettors Delight  Stonebridge Vision  Colt
Stonebridge Pistol Camluck  Stonebridge Madona  Colt
Stonebridge Splash Camluck  Glacier Express  Filly
Stonebridge Sonic Jeremes Jet  Stonebridge Sassy  Filly
Stonebridge Beach Mach Three  Asleep On The Beach  Colt
Stonebridge Marvel Mach Three  Stonebridge Luna  Colt
Stonebridge Medusa Mach Three  Stonebridge Muse  Filly
Name Sire Dam Sex
Stonebridge Brule Donato Hanover  Cream Puff Filly
Stonebridge Rex Kadabra  Royal Bait  Colt
Stonebridge Peace Kadabra  Stonebridge Encore Filly
Stonebridge Laser Manofmanymissions  Stonebridge Amanda  Colt
Stonebridge Alert Manofmanymissions  Priceless Image  Colt
Stonebridge Vigour Manofmanymissions  Stonebridge Lure  Colt
Stonebridge Impact Muscle Mass  Stonebridge Ballad  Colt

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